Marketing Week’s Leadership Summit returned for another insightful and inspiring event.


Marketing leaders were joined in an exclusive, face-to-face event carefully curated to inspire and inform CMOs and marketing directors.

Thought provoking live sessions were shared with fresh and insightful presentations covering our three key areas; Grow your brand, Grow your business, and Grow yourself, followed by stimulating discussions.

The event also offered plenty of dedicated networking time throughout the day, enabling fellow marketing and brand directors to discuss and share experiences, challenges, and learnings with peers. 


BUSINESS GROWTH How do marketers lead for customers and company and drive return for both? And how do you marry brand and business strategy for commercial success in a challenging environment? During May's Summit, we discussed marketing’s role in growth, and how to achieve it in 2023 and beyond.
BRAND GROWTH What are the key levers to pull on to drive brand growth, and what should be avoided? We looked at what are the building blocks of successful brand strategy. From diagnosis to positioning, from training to tracking we unpicked what’s required to make your brand a success in 2023 and beyond.
SELF GROWTH Greater demands are being put on leaders but in a complex and challenging environment, how can you develop your skills, and the capability of your teams? We explored the key components that make for better leaders and how developing your teams and self can impact commercial and career success. 

Session Content

We explored the debate on the necessity of a 5-day office workweek for productivity and collaboration, hosted by Debate Mate. CMO’s and pro debaters discussed the evolving landscape of remote work and its impact on traditional office dynamics.

Boots CMO Pete Markey, Marketing Week’s Marketer of the Year, sponsored by Digitas, shared insights with Editor in Chief Russell Parsons. Markey discussed his success in marketing’s business value, reflecting on career highs and lows, his approach to team development, and efforts to elevate marketing’s status. He also provided practical advice for marketing leaders gearing up for the 2023/24 challenges and opportunities.

In 1991, during the Gulf War, First Lieutenant John Peters and navigator John Nichol were shot down over Iraqi territory and taken prisoner. Today, John Peters has taken the lessons learned from his time in captivity and applied them to his impressive career as a leadership consultant. Marketing Week’s Russell Parsons engaged Peters in a reflective conversation, exploring resilience, overcoming adversity, and leadership in a thought-provoking session.